Key People

Key People

Valleyfresh employs a wide range of people with different skill sets and experiences. Valleyfresh's employees are passionate, driven and customer focussed. 


Valleyfresh Australia  

Murray McCallum

Director Email Murray

Luke McKenzie

National Operations Manager  Email Luke

Adam Carville

Operations Manager (NSW) Email Adam

Simon Powell

Account Manager
Email Simon

Les Soutar

Account Manager Email Les

Valleyfresh Exports

Doug Hammonds

Director Email Doug

Ryan Smith

Director Email Ryan

Saxon Call

Manager Email Saxon

Callum Ransom

Manager Email Callum

Mark Shaw

Manager Email Mark

New Zealand

Anton Masutti

General Manager Email Anton

George Guo

Director of Sales Email George

Raymond Dong

Export Sales Manager Email Raymond

Kenny Wang

Export Sales Manager Email Kenny

Lin Zhao

Export Sales Manager Email Lin

United States

Angelo Costanzo

Director Email Angelo

Akira Mikumo

Export Sales Email Akira

Tina Rackley

Export Sales Manager Email Tina

South Africa

Marius de Bruyn

Director Email Marius

Robert Britz

Senior Buyer Email Robert


Jose Solf

Manager Email Jose


Dewi Indrawaty

Market Representative Email Dewi


Maria Dolores Soler

General Manager Email Maria


Grudip Singh

Market Representative Email Gurdip

Saudi Arabia

Naseem Azam

Market Representative Email Naseem